Make Photography Exciting

Photography is such a great art form, it allows you to express yourself in ways that few other art forms allow. Photography allows you to tell a story, convey a message that is important to you, bring awareness to an injustice or environmental concern. You probably have become very good at the form of photography that you love, be it landscapes, architecture, macro, or portraiture. But here is a challenge to you. When you head out with your camera tomorrow, set a goal to shoot something entirely different. I you shoot landscapes, try portraiture. If you focus on portraiture, try shooting architecture, by now you can see where I’m going with this. Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be quite exciting, nerve racking, and all out stressful and all of this will make the experience eye opening, educational, and exciting.
I’ve always been a nature and landscape photographer, right up to the moment that I was asked be a friend to shoot her wedding, at first I said no, then I believe that I said no at least once again. My friend wouldn’t let me off the hook quite that easily, affirming her complete faith in my abilities by expressing how much she loved my work and telling me that anyone who could take such beautiful pictures would certainly be able to do a great job at her wedding. How can you hear that sales pitch from a friend and maintain a no to her request. I reluctantly agreed to do the wedding. So yes, with that one three letter word, I stepped so far outside of my comfort zone that I was a nervous wreck. I spent probably close to $500 picking up equipment that wasn’t necessary for landscape and nature photography, but would make a big difference in wedding photography, I took my daughter and her fiance out to shoot their engagement photos, but what I could have accomplished with about 20 or 30 shots, I drug out to well over 150, I practiced in different lighting, we had clothing changes, action shots, posed seated shots, action shots. I went to the location of the upcoming nuptials, twice, to practice shooting in the lighting conditions that the venue offered. I was ready, – in theory. So on the day of the wedding, I found myself nervous, and excited about the opportunity that was only moments away. In the end, the shoot went very well, and I now have wedding photography on my resume. 

Since the wedding I have gone on to add sports photography to my talent base, shooting for New England’s Premier Sports Photography Company. You see, I’m not suggesting something that I myself would not do, I’m suggesting, that you believe in yourself enough to take chances, step outside your comfort zone, and experience photography (your art) in a whole new light. You will be so very glad that you did, you’ll be setting yourself up to have even more doors open for you as you pursue your passion.     


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