Never Stop Learning

Photography is truly an art form, not everyone can do it, at least beyond snapping a picture. That statement is not meant to put anyone down or to hurt anyone’s feelings, so I sincerely hope that that statement did not offend anyone reading it. The reality is, that you have to have an eye for photography, you have to be able to see, what others miss. . 
All of the above is great information, but quite simply it is not the point of this post. Just as in sports, as a photographer you have to practice your craft as much as possible. You also need to be open to leaning. The best photographers in the world will tell you that they are always learning their craft. The best of the best are always studying the art of photography, they budget part of their income each and every year for continuing education. As photographers we have so many options to continue our learning, from trade magazines to books, to class room training and trade shows. We also learn a great deal from one another, photographers love to study each others work, analyzing the way the light fell upon the subject, the angle in which the picture was taken, did the artist use added light, reflectors, or just natural light. We as photographers have so many learning options, but if we want to excel at our craft we have to commit to learning continuously, we have to invest in ourselves first, our equipment second. The best camera in the world is only capable of taking snap shots, if the user doesn’t understand how to make it work or how to capture the moment.
Make a commitment to yourself today (if you haven’t already). Look into furthering your education in the photographic arts, its an investment that will provide you with many opportunities, and rewards.

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