I have always had a desire to express myself through art, having done so since a child working with every medium from pencil to charcoal, and paint. The camera allows me the unique ability to capture the world around me and share those moments with you. I’m able to freeze a moment in time and permanently record a beautiful scene or magical moment. Photography allows me to communicate with the world in a way that transcends language barriers.
I love to photograph nature, everything from sunrises and sunsets, to waves crashing against a rocky shoreline, animals wild and free to mountain streams rapidly making their way to the sea. I also love to capture nature as she interacts with manmade creations, beautiful architecture with a backdrop of mountains, or a classic schooner ship with a backdrop of the sea and islands, it’s like capturing the work of two artist collaborating together to bring us one spectacular scene, and I’m fortunate enough to be there and record their masterpiece.
My favorite part of photography, aside from the excitement that I feel when I’m able to capture a moment, so spectacular, that I know that I was blessed just to have witnessed it; is when someone that sees my work, thanks me for sharing it with them, or wants to know more about where I was at, or if the location is a special as I make it look.
I realize that my work turned out well when I can look at the photograph and I find myself back in that moment, feeling the same emotion that I felt when I first pushed the shutter release.


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